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bio hazard disposal near meAre you a healthcare professional located in Brunswick, Georgia? Your facility depends on the proper handling and disposal of medical waste. These hazardous materials can transmit bloodborne pathogens or contaminate the environment, so there are dozens of regulatory standards you must adhere to. With the help of WasteX Medical Waste Management, it just got easier to handle and dispose of your discarded biohazard materials and keep state/federal guidelines in check.

For 20 years, the team at WasteX has helped businesses navigate the world of disposal regulations and efficiently process these materials at an affordable price. Our clients save as much as 30% over competing services, which can turn into thousands of dollars in annual savings. Best of all, we are able to match the same level of professionalism with industry-approved processes.

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Our Medical Disposal Services


No two medical facilities are the same, and for that reason, no two disposal plans are crafted the same either. Based on the size of your office, area of practice, and number of patients, we work with your business to develop a customized disposal plan – one that will maximize coverage and safety, while keeping costs down. Based on your specific needs, your biohazard disposal plan might include:

On-Site Waste Pickup: For healthcare centers like hospitals and outpatient surgery offices, medical waste can pile up quickly. Our on-site waste removal plans will send a vehicle directly to your business premises to retrieve the materials. The waste will then be brought directly to one of our local disposal facilities. These on-site services can even be scheduled at regular intervals to boost efficiency.

Return-By-Mail Waste Shipping: Smaller medical offices may find the most economical option for waste disposal is via mail. Simply request a durable, regulated biomedical shipment box from WasteX and send the package to its return address. When it arrives at our facility, it will be immediately processed – all without violating any disposal regulations.

At-Home Sharps Disposal: Do you use syringes or other disposable medical products? Rather than throwing them in the trash, make sure you have a secure way of discarding the products. With our SharpShipper disposal program, you can ship your used medical waste to a high-quality disposal facility.

In addition to customized biohazard disposal programs, our team also offers online training for HIPAA and OSHA compliance. These online tools make it easy for your employees to renew their certifications and brush up on the newest developments in patient privacy and workplace regulations.

Regulating and Processing Biomedical Waste


Medical offices come in contact with a wide variety of waste products, both artificial and natural. Many of these materials can carry bloodborne pathogens and environment contaminants, so it’s no wonder why there are dozens of OSHA, DEA, EPA, and HIPAA guidelines regulating their storage and disposal.

Medical Waste Disposal Services

BioMedical Waste

Biomedical (or biohazardous) wastes are materials that are, or are saturated, with potential blood borne pathogens. These include items such as bodily materials, gauze, saturated gloves, and disposable materials from procedures.

Sharps Waste

Sharps wastes include used syringes, operating knives and blades, glass, or any other material that can result in a puncture, often times containing potential blood-borne pathogens.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical (Rx) wastes include expired and unused medications and treatments, whether they have been exposed to a patient or not. These materials must be specially treated to neutralize their ingredients from any further contamination.

Process Waste

Process and secondary wastes include materials such as amalgam, mercury, and developer. These materials may encounter potential blood-borne pathogens or may be harmful to the environment.

Most of the time, medical wastes can be grouped into four main categories: biomedical waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical (Rx) waste, and process waste. Each of these waste categories has different regulatory standards and therefore different disposal methods. At WasteX, we ensure that all of these waste categories meet the processing method that is required by law.

About Us

Since 1997, WasteX has served thousands of medical practitioners across the country and many around Brunswick, Georgia. Because our disposal method is available both via mail and via on-premise retrieval, our services are more accessible than ever.

Throughout Brunswick, WasteX Medical Waste Management services are popular with hospitals, local clinics, university health centers, cancer centers, blood banks, hospice care centers, orthodontists, dentist, veterinarians, and funeral home facilities.

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