02 Dec Bloodborne Pathogen Risk Reduction

With over 600,000 needlestick incidents each year within the US, it is of the utmost importance that healthcare employers take their employee’s safety into account when dealing with bloodborne pathogens. OSHA will not hesitate to cite any employer who leaves their employees open to such risks. This is why it’s necessary to recognize the risk of needlesticks and take proper steps to reduce the chance of such incidents from happening.
One of the key steps in avoiding needlesticks is the proper disposal of your sharps. Healthcare facilities should look into the regulations for sharps disposal units set in place by OSHA. It’s highly recommended that each healthcare facility contract a professional company to install sharps disposal units, as well as an experienced, certified company to pick up the units once they are full, and to make sure that the proper steps in disposing of the medical material. By following these steps, we can ensure a higher level of safety for our employees and patients.
Aside from proper disposal of your used sharps, it’s essential to take all OSHA requirements into consideration on a daily basis and in future plans. It is our job to recognize the risks and to make the right decisions in dealing with said risks. It is not only a responsibility to our customers and staff, but is also highly important as a business. Recently, OSHA cited and fined one healthcare employee $62,000 for not following requirements, which exposed their employees to higher risk of needlesticks and bloodborne pathogens.

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