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Medical Waste Disposal Solutions

Solutions For Your Entire Business

Medical Waste Disposal & Compliance Solutions


In-Office Waste Pickups

Scheduled in-office visits to pick up your waste


Medical Waste by Mail

We send you everything you need to store and ship your waste, including a prepaid return label


HIPAA/OSHA Compliance

Individualized compliance training and certification for everyone in your office

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Medical Waste Disposal Services

BioMedical Waste

Biomedical (or biohazardous) wastes are materials that are, or are saturated, with potential blood borne pathogens. These include items such as bodily materials, gauze, saturated gloves, and disposable materials from procedures.

Sharps Waste

Sharps wastes include used syringes, operating knives and blades, glass, or any other material that can result in a puncture, often times containing potential blood-borne pathogens.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical (Rx) wastes include expired and unused medications and treatments, whether they have been exposed to a patient or not. These materials must be specially treated to neutralize their ingredients from any further contamination.

Process Waste

Process and secondary wastes include materials such as amalgam, mercury, and developer. These materials may encounter potential blood-borne pathogens or may be harmful to the environment.

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Medical Waste Pickup

Customized pickup schedules

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Sharps Containers

Get your sharps containers from us.

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Mailback Program

Simple & Affordable

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Pharmaceutical Destruction

We dispose of your non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

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Waste Consulting

Optimal strategies that fit your needs

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Waste Segregation Training

Knowing what is medical waste and what is trash saves you money.

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Sharps Pickup

Customized pickup schedules

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Maintain OSHA and HIPAA compliance

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Medical Waste Disposal by Med Alliance

Medical Waste Disposal

In the waste business since 1997, Med Alliance is a locally owned and operated healthcare medical waste disposal company serving thousands of clients across the country. Our business was founded and continues to strive for greatness in customer service, responsible and sustainable disposal practices, and OSHA compliance.